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What do Planners do?

The functions and activities undertaken by staff in planning offices, or by staff with planning responsibilities in HEIs in the UK, vary in range and focus, but are likely to include responsibility for many of the following:

  • Strategic planning

  • Annual planning and resource allocation

  • Performance measurement, including league tables and UK Performance Indicators, and including benchmarking

  • Management information/Business intelligence: data, trends, scenario analysis, forecasting

  • Statistical returns to HESA, Funding Councils, now including KIS

  • Data quality

  • REF submission preparation

  • Student and other surveys, including NSS, DLHE, PTES, PRES

  • Interactions with representative bodies and agencies including UUK, Universities Scotland, Funding  

  • Councils, HESA, UCAS, JISC

  • Governance support, including risk management

  • Environmental scanning and public policy work, including preparation of responses to Government and other consultations and external enquiries, and analysis of impact

  • Access agreements (England), Outcome agreements (Scotland), Fee Plan (Wales)

  • Change projects and other pan-University strategic projects