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HESA HEI User Group

HESPA is represented on the HESA HEI User Group by Ali Hartrey.  This group was set up to improve institutions' interactions with HESA and the data collections it is responsible for.  The group is made up of members from a broad range of professional bodies and organisations, along with HESA staff and provides an invaluable overview to the sector as well as providing planners with a means of advising HESA on a variety of issues.

Details of the Group can be found at

The terms of reference for the group are:

  1. Facilitate ongoing interaction between HESA, relevant professional groups and institutions across the UK HE sector.
  2. Identify and promulgate good practice in the sector with regards to the HESA data collections, in order to enhance data quality and reduce burden.
  3. Advise HESA on its strategic direction and the development of information and analytical services, user support and the training it offers institutions.
  4. Consider how the different HESA data collections impact on each other in order to co-ordinate inputs in institutions and the opportunities for cross-data access and business intelligence.
  5. Consider requests for data made to institutions from all sources and the place of HESA in this context, in order to rationalise data collection and data management for institutions.
  6. Consider opportunities to increase the exploitation of HESA's strategic information and knowledge base and the potential for HESA to provide analysis and expertise to the HE community.
  7. Make recommendations through appropriate channels to HESA Board or HESA's Statutory Customers with regards to the collection and use of HESA data.