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HESPA Governance

The HESPA governance sub-group is concerned with HESPA's legal and financial governance and status, including our relationship with our umbrella body, PHES, any contracts of employment or other contracts entered into by PHES on behalf of HESPA and the overall financial sustainability of the organisation.

We undertake liaison with the PHES Board and the individual PHES Directors on behalf of the HESPA Executive as necessary, negotiate recharging etc. from the PHES main office and keep an eye on costs of event management, website etc.

We also advise (aka do the donkey work for) the HESPA Executive on processes for replacing Executive members, the overall strategy of the organisation including target setting for organisational development, and legal and governance implications of our relationship/collaboration with other stakeholders.

This group, by its nature, is made up of members of the HESPA Executive only.