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Leads: Neil Davidson (Nottingham), Miranda Routledge (Loughborough), Anita Jackson (Kent)

Most strategic planners are responsible for forecasting student populations for the next 3-5 years. Some will incorporate income, while others leave that to Finance. Some will use specialist tools, while others use Excel. Some will calculate things to a very detailed level, while others take a broader approach.

Regardless of the content and technique, student number planning is a large and complex piece of work and, while providers aim to offer students a flexible learning environment, flexibility does not necessarily lend itself well to straightforward planning models. This group aims to explore the different ways of doing various bits of forecasting work, with a focus on information sharing and best practice.

The group will include discussion on, but not be limited to:

  • Student Number Planning
  • Actual vs Planned
  • Intake Target Setting
  • Frequency
  • Course Costing
  • Module Income
  • Tools / Software
  • Granularity / Transparency
  • Reporting
  • Working Relationship with Finance
  • Integration with Academic units
  • Scenario Modelling

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Here is the group's dedicated discussion board. Please treat this as an informal discussion platform and don't be afraid to post.