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HESPA is the national professional network for Planning staff in UK Higher Education. It aims to support the development of best practice, promote awareness and understanding of HE planning issues, provide forums for networking and exchange, and contribute to the professional development of planners by organising events and conferences.

HESPA also undertakes specific activities throughout the year to deliver extra value for the planning sector. These include taking part in regional and national stakeholder and steering groups on a range of key sector issues, to ensure that the planning voice is heard.

Membership of HESPA is on an institutional basis, and costs £395 for the 15/16 year. To join HESPA, or for more information, please email Jennifer Summerton jennifer@hespa.ac.uk or phone the office on 01509 22 88 51. 

If your institution is already signed up to HESPA, then you can register for an account by going to the registration page