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Higher Education Data and Information Improvement Project (HEDIIP)

Exec lead: Dr Christine Couper

HESPA has a representative on this panel. HEDIIP Advisory Panel was established to form a network of professional representatives from major stakeholder communities. The panel acts as a quality assurance body to advise the Programme Management Office (PMO) on the planning and delivery of projects.

Members of the panel are assigned to individual projects and will sit on Project Boards, providing more enterprise-specific guidance through technical and logistical oversight.

Christine Couper, a member of the HESPA Executive Committee and Director of Strategic Planning at Greenwich University, represents HESPA on this panel and sits on the Project Board for the Subject Coding.

We are also lucky to have HESPA members Martin Boyle, Director of Planning and Business Intelligence at the University of Glasgow on the Unique Learner Number Project Board and John Britton, Deputy Director of Planning at Cardiff University on the New Landscape Project Board to strengthen the planning voice.

You can find any relevant resources on the HEDIIP Resources page.
















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