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Exec lead: Gary Sprules

During 2014 HESPA has continued its involvement with sector level discussions related to the National Student Survey. This has included representation on the IPSOS Mori stakeholder group, the HEFCE NSS & Unistats Review Steering Group (NURSG) and participation in HEFCE workshops on KIS and Public Information. The NURSG has– many thanks to Mario Ferelli and Toby West-Taylor for attending our October 2014 meeting. This is an immensely valuable opportunity to catch up on latest and forthcoming developments. Please look out for the notes of those meetings on our website – they are very useful “heads up”. Craig also organises workshops and consultation events which often emerge as follow-up actions to what is discussed in our twice-yearly meetings.

You can find any relevant resources on the NSS/Unistats Resources page.

















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