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SLC Liaison

Exec lead: Jackie Njoroge

Building on our first workshop led by Paul Smith at the Planners Forum in 2012, we have developed our relationship with the SLC through the efforts of individual members. Thanks in particular to Eleanor Currie, who is responsible for stakeholder engagement at the SLC, for persevering on the complexity of organising meetings with what we are reliably informed is now the fourth largest financial institution in the country.

Our first SLC seminar was hosted by the SLC in their offices in Glasgow, and chaired by David Wallace, Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Finance, Strategy and Corporate Services, and Derek Ross, Executive Director of Operations and Customer Services. HESPA members were offered an insight into what SLC data is available and how planners might better use and engage with it.

We have set up an SLC link group. The group consists of Jackie Njoroge (MMU), Tom Wright (Northumbria), Amanda Watson (Sunderland), Lucy Hodson (Aberystwyth) and Helen Watson (Oxford) and will continue working with key members of the SLC to promote data sharing and mutually beneficial outputs. HESPA now has representation on the SLC Stakeholder Group – Jackie is our rep at the moment. Thanks also to Dean Pateman from Imperial who chairs this group.

You can find any relevant resources on the SLC Liaison Resources page.














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