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UCAS Liaison

Since Mary Curnock Cook opened the first HESPA Annual Conference, HESPA-UCAS liaison has gained a great deal of momentum. The UCAS Special Liaison Group is proud to have led by example this year, showcasing its approach at the first annual HESPA social in September.

During the last year, HESPA has secured representation on the UCAS Data Group and embedded the HESPA-UCAS Planners Forum as an annual event. The May schedule is timed to follow UCAS’s own annual conference so that data outcomes and matters arising can be shared. This year’s forum was a huge success and extended the group’s reach to Planners not previously represented. Engagement at the event was outstanding and planners embraced a forum to highlight and discuss their business needs with UCAS. 

In addition to giving us a voice in UCAS data governance, liaison group members have supported the development and communication of planner-targeted information and guidance on the new Tariff. In response to feedback, UCAS and HESA held a joint seminar on the new Tariff to take participants through the impact of the new Tariff from a HE Planning perspective, including a speaker from the SLG. Resources are available on the HESPA website to help us plan and prepare our colleagues for 2017/18 entry. Going forward, UCAS has committed to HESPA membership of the new Qualifications Advisory Group, which will advise on all qualifications added to the new Tariff. The group will meet for the first time in March 2016.

You can find any relevant resources on the UCAS Liaison Resources page.















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