Workload Management

Welcome to the interest group page for workload management. The group has been formed to provide a network for colleagues involved or interested in workload modelling. Topics about, or related to, workload modelling are wide-ranging and the group's agenda is driven by the concerns and interests of its members.

The network considers the latest developments in workload modelling, recognises best practice in the sector and helps to enhance approaches to workload management. It also discusses and resolves issues and problems, and shares ideas and experiences.

A workload model seeks to allocate the staff resource in a unit, dividing the resource to key academic activities such as research, teaching, engagement, leadership and administration, over a period of time, and in relation to a strategic plan. All universities operate forms of models which aim to achieve these objectives.

Workload models and workload management are often concerned with:

  • Workload allocation and enabling the best match between unit strategic objectives and its staff resource
  • Providing improved management information to senior management for personnel, finance and strategic management planning
  • Joining up workload data to activity costings and establishing a better understanding of real costs
  • Introducing efficiencies in TRAC
  • Making the allocation of workload more transparent, building trust between staff members within a unit, aiming to improve morale, and about fostering understanding and respect for the differing individual contributions of academic colleagues 
  • Linking workload allocation with the professional and career aspirations of individuals
  • Helping to support Health and Safety responsibilities
  • Supporting equality and diversity. Being Athena Swan compliant.
  • Analysing the pressures within a unit and understanding impact on working culture.

While not an exhaustive list the above indicates some of the topics for possible exploration by the network.


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