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For more than a decade Simitive has worked with universities to develop innovative products that apply digital technology to institutional needs. Today Simitive provides those products to over 60 Universities in the UK and Australia.

Created exclusively for universities Simitive Teaching Allocation Management, Academic Workload Management & Planning, Activity Based Costing & Contribution and their embedded Analytics provide unique insights to facilitate operational effectivity and consequential contribution, whilst simultaneously providing the information required for TRAC and other statutory returns.

Over the same period the Simitive team have amassed unparalleled knowledge and experience in the critical areas of academic workforce planning & management and in cost and contribution analysis. This knowledge and experience is provided to universities to help effect the cultural and operational change that is required to enable the realisation of strategic plans and imperatives.


Devinder Whelan
Head of Business Development

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Explorance empowers higher education institutions with next-generation feedback analytics to accelerate the insight-to-action cycle. As a collaborative partner, Explorance aligns with institutions that embrace a feedback culture, where open and courageous conversations are encouraged to drive purpose, impact, and growth. 

In an AI-driven world where feedback is a critical tool that can lead to improved decision-making, Explorance stands by the philosophy of "Feedback for the brave.” Committed to amplifying the voices of students, staff, and faculty, Explorance tailors its solutions for institutions to advance vital initiatives through student and employee feedback: Teaching Effectiveness, Learning Excellence, Student Experience, Staff Engagement.  


John Atherton 
VP of Sales, EMEA




Lightcast is the world’s leading authority on job skills, workforce talent, and labour market dynamics, with a mission to offer the data and insights that help unlock new possibilities in their labour market. Across the globe, organisations are using their market research, analytical software, and data expertise to better understand and respond to the labour market they operate in, and they are currently working with hundreds of universities as they seek to apply a data-driven approach to their strategic planning, course design, employer engagement, student engagement, and improving graduate employability.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and Moscow, Idaho, Lightcast is active in more than 30 countries and has offices in the United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, and India.


Richard Hewitt
Director, Higher Education

Studyportals is the international study choice platform, helping students find and compare their study options across borders.

Their mission is to empower the world to choose education.

With over 200,000 published courses from over 3,750+ participating HE institutions and over 45 million users, Studyportals is a leading information source for study seekers. At the same time, the company’s results-based channels support universities with digital marketing, analytics, and international student recruitment, enabling them to reach a global audience and diversify their student population.


Isabela Santa Roza dos Santos
Marketing Manager


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Billigence’s vision is to transform the way people work with data. Our clients benefit from innovative tools and techniques that turn raw data into insight and take the guesswork out of decision-making.
We specialise in data consolidation & enrichment, data quality, data governance, data analysis & science and process automation.


Saffronn Bourke
Account Manager



Capita’s Academic Enterprise Data & AI solutions use industry leading IBM technologies to transform and standardise complex Microsoft Excel based planning and forecasting tools.

Report on and analyse a centralised view of all students, lecturers, curricula, operations, and finance. Unlock the new intelligence you need to drive effective decision-making, reduce costs without sacrificing services, and explore new opportunities to increase revenue through scenario planning. 

Tailored to meet the unique needs of your university, Capita’s complete end-to-end modular solution gives you information that’s easily accessible, accurate and up to date, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your actual performance. ​


Nick Stevens
Account Manager
Tel. 07595 202309

EAB is comprised of researchers, problem-solvers, innovators, and data enthusiasts who are committed to understanding and addressing the challenges facing HE leaders and their institutions. We harness the collective experiences of 2,300+ institutions around the world to uncover transformative insights and innovations for the sector.

Ultimately, EAB exists to provide you with the data, evidence-based research, tools, and guidance to help you realise your institution’s mission and goals. We provide you unrivalled line of sight into emerging challenges and proven across every area of university operations: student experience, professional services, estates, IT, and university research. 


Maggie McVeigh
Demand Generation Manager

Blending technology with strategy, our team of specialists has forged long-term, trusted partnerships with, and delivered brilliance to, higher education institutions across the UK.
From financial to enrolment systems, data management and reporting to cyber security, we’re able to support every area of a university’s operational function to create efficiencies, unlock value and realise goals.




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